We are a volunteer-based dog rescue organization in Bolivar, Tennessee. We rescue the stray, abandoned and unwanted dogs in Hardeman County.. We take these dogs into our shelter, provide veterinarian assistance (if needed), and find them loving homes. We rely solely on our community, volunteers, foster families, and donations to make our shelter a success. Get involved with us today!


Please visit our Available Dogs section.

Our shelter is open Tuesday through Saturday 9am – 1pm. Please contact a volunteer to find out more information on a specific dog or visit our Facebook page.

E-mail [email protected] if you see a dog you are interested in adopting! If you are ready to fill out the adoption application, you can view and fill out the form here.

PLEASE NOTE: By filling out an application, it just starts the adoption process.


Fostering helps our mission of saving one dog at a time. Whether it’s for a brief weekend or long-term, every day matters for these animals. Being a foster helps us to learn more information such as the following:

  • How the dog interacts in a home environment.
  • Is the dog good with other dogs? cats?
  • Is the dog great with children?
  • Is it active or calm?
  • Has it been crate trained or housebroken?

Our fosters are the best resources for this information that is so crucial in how we adopt the dogs out and help the dogs find forever homes!

E-mail [email protected] to find out more about fostering with us! If you are ready to fill out the foster application, you can fill out the form here.

PLEASE NOTE: By filling out an application, it does not obligate you to be a foster. It just starts the fostering process.


CALLING ALL VOLUNTEERS! We are always looking for more help around the shelter. Whether it is cleaning out the kennels, giving the dogs a bath, taking them on walks, or helping at various adoption events, fundraising, social media, or many other things, we need your help! Take the time to make a difference in a local animals’ life and make a new furry friend that is sure to reward you with lots of doggy kisses. Thanks for your interest in joining the HAA family! If you would like to fill out the volunteer questionnaire click here.

E-mail [email protected] to find out more about volunteering with us!


Maybe adopting, fostering or volunteering is not a good fit for you. Please consider making a donation to our cause to help us save the lives of sweet, innocent animals. We value every cent that comes into our shelter and we work hard to provide all the animals with the best veterinarian care, heartworm medicine, vaccinations, food, water, sheltering, and more. We rely heavily on donor support and adoption fees to keep our shelter going.


Please help us fulfill our WISH LIST on These are items that we need to maintain the shelter and keep our dogs fed, sheltered, and playful. Email us at [email protected] to arrange a drop-off or pick-up.