It’s raining cats and dogs!!

As spring rolls in, so do lots of cute puppies and kittens at places like Hardeman Adoptable Animals. But with all these adorable new arrivals, shelters like ours face a big challenge. We get so many new litters that it’s tough to look after them all.

At HAA, we’re all about helping animals, and one big way we do that is by talking about spaying and neutering. Here’s why it’s so important:

Keeping the Pet Population in Check: There are way more animals needing homes than there are people adopting them. Spaying and neutering help stop more babies from being born, so there are fewer animals ending up in shelters without homes.

Making Pets Healthier: These operations aren’t just about birth control – they also help pets stay healthier. They can prevent certain cancers and diseases, so pets live longer, happier lives. Plus, they can calm down behaviors like running away or being too aggressive.

Making Communities Safer: Stray animals can cause all sorts of problems, like spreading diseases or causing accidents. When we spay and neuter pets, it reduces those problems, making our neighborhoods safer and healthier.

Get Involved and Make a Difference!!

At HAA, we’ve got a cool program where you, your family, or friends can help out. Spend 20 hours with us, and we’ll fix your pet for free! It’s a way for you to help us while also taking care of your furry friend. If you can’t volunteer at the shelter, you can become a foster pet parent! If you can’t volunteer or foster, please consider donating to the shelter or ordering from our Amazon wishlist! Our shelter is 100% volunteer run and funded. All money collected goes directly to the care of the dogs.

It’s important to know that not all shelters can turn animals away when they’re full. Some have to make really tough choices, like putting animals down. At HAA, we try hard to avoid that. But when our shelter gets too full, we have to stop taking in new animals, which means we can’t help as many dogs as we’d like to.

Let’s work together to make a difference. Join us in our mission to spay and neuter, saving lives and making sure every pet gets the love and care they deserve. Check out or reach out to us to learn how you can help animals in need.

Together, let’s make sure every pet has a bright future.